When looking to purchase a new home, it can be quite the ‘chicken or egg’ predicament. Should you visit display villages first and choose a home design you love? Or should you find a block of land before anything else? No matter your approach, you’ll still end up in a new house! But here, we’ll give you some helpful advice to hopefully make the whole process much more straightforward.

Getting the lay of the land

Finding that perfect block of land first is a viable option for many homebuyers. You may very well have a particular suburb or community in mind. Near family, close to schools, work, shops, hospitals, etc. As the saying goes, it’s all about location, location, location. So, if you’ve fallen in love with a suburb, community or even a particular street, securing your land first is a great option.

Not only will choosing your land first heavily inform your future lifestyle, it will also impact the kind of home you’ll be able to build. Say you choose a specific home design, well that design may require a very specific block of land. It may need to be a certain width, size etc. So while it’s certainly okay to choose a builder you like before you buy land, you may not want to commit to a specific home design until later.

Before you visit a display village…

It can be easy to get carried away when touring display suites. There are so many builders and home designs on offer, plus all the additional upgrades and variations to consider with each one. We get it, it’s arguably the most exciting part! But your land will inform so much of your house that we’d suggest making that priority numero uno. After all, the size, shape and orientation of your land should inform the design of your home. For instance, it’s always best practice to have your main living areas to the north/northeast side of the home. Whereas bedrooms are often best placed to the east to ensure sunny mornings and cooler afternoons.

The easy way!

Finding the land and then the house is the way to go for many homebuyers. It allows you to pick the right block in the exact community you love, and then build the home of your dreams. But, if you’re looking for an even simpler way we highly suggest the one-and-done approach – aka a house and land package!

In building terms, this means you’ll enter into two separate contracts, one with the land developer and one with the builder. In practical terms, this offers homebuyers optimum convenience. Take Riverfield for example. We’ve partnered with some of Melbourne’s most reputable builders to offer house and land packages designed to perfectly fit select lots in our community. This ensures we can offer buyers affordable, quality home designs that perfectly fit the land they’re built on. If you’re looking to reduce your legwork, a house and land package is a great convenient solution.

Want to secure your perfect lot or house and land package at Riverfield? Make an appointment to visit our sales office by emailing jason@bpg.com.au. Our Estate Manager Jason is on hand to make your homeownership dreams a reality! Or if you’d prefer, contact us on 1800 001 895 to have your questions answered remotely.