Building a brand new home is quite possibly one of the most rewarding things you can undertake! Of course, there are also numerous benefits to building new, whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to upgrade. In this blog, we’ll explore the most important benefits – the ones that might make your decision just a little bit easier!

Your perfect home design

By far, the most obvious benefit of building a new home is customisation. Building new, you get the home you want on the land you choose, with the spaces you need arranged just how you like.

New home builders offer a fantastic array of home designs to suit any taste or budget. Many also provide further customisable options like floorplan variations and optional extras that will allow you to design the home of your dreams. One story or two? Three bedrooms or four? Even the look of the façade is completely up to you! At Riverfield, we’ve partnered with renowned homebuilders like Metricon, HomeBuyers Centre, Carlisle Homes and many more to offer buyers a range of house and land packages to suit any lifestyle. Explore them all here.

Save money

If you’re a first-time buyer, you might be eligible for the government’s First Home Owner Grant. At Riverfield, the grant is worth $10,000 for homes up to $750,000 value.

With the first stage of our community expected to title late next year, house and land packages here are perfect for those who need a little more time to save before foundations start to get laid.

Built for today

A home built now will have the most up-to-date wiring and data connections built-in, so you’re ready for 5G internet and 8K television viewing.* Very important for iso Netflix marathons! It will also be safer and less prone to future maintenance issues, as building materials and methods are constantly improving. Oh, and because it’s new everything will be covered under the builder’s warranty!

Build for tomorrow

Building new also gives you the opportunity to design a home for your future needs. For example, if you’re planning a family you can add an extra bedroom (or three!). Or if you think you working from home might become your new normal, you can add an office. Making these decisions early in the process means you can truly have your “forever home”.

No need to compromise

Choosing an established home, there might always be something that just isn’t quite right about the place. It might be small things, like the style of the taps or cupboard handles, or it might be more substantial, such as the shape of the kitchen or the location of the bathroom. The home you build yourself has everything just as you specify.

Here at Riverfield, we could talk all day about the benefits of building your own home. Why not give our Estate Manager Jason a call on 1800 001 895 to chat all about it?


*Subject to provider availability.