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Stage 3

In Progress
The topsoil is removed and stored for later use. The land is shaped to lot designs and for drainage to Melbourne Water standards.
All trunk and reticulation sewers are constructed, providing sanitation services to each house lot.
Stormwater Drainage
Stormwater pipes and pits are constructed to drain stormwater away from house lots and prevent flooding. Works may also include basins and wetlands to treat stormwater before it enters local waterways.
Water & Gas
Pipes to carry water, recycled water and gas to each house lot, all trunk and reticulation services, are constructed.
Retaining Walls
Where required, retaining walls are constructed to manage surface level changes and provide suitable lots for house construction.
Road Boxing & Base
Roads are boxed out and service crossings are installed. Strong road bases are built by densely compacting layers of crushed rock.
Road Kerb & Channel
Concrete kerbs are installed along the edges of the new roads to help transfer stormwater runoff into the drainage network.
Power & Telecommunications
Power, internet and phone services are installed, ready for connection to each home. Street lighting is also installed.
Foothpaths, Topsoil & Seeding
Concrete footpaths are constructed to provide safe pedestrian access to each lot. Topsoil is placed in the nature strips and seeded.
The final step in road construction is laying asphalt, to provide a smooth driving surface for vehicles.
Statement of Compliance & Testing
All work to date is tested and audited by the relevant service authorities. Once approved, the stage receives a Statement of Compliance from Council verifying that the stage is ready to lodge for individual lot titles.
Lodgement at the Titles Office
The stage is lodged with the Titles Office to create individual titles for each lot. When titles are granted settlement can take place.
We have lodged the plan of subdivision for registration and titles for your lot are imminent.

It’s time to contact your finance lender and conveyancing consultant and prepare for settlement, because all the construction work has been completed, a Statement of Compliance has been issued and we have submitted your lot to the Titles Office for registration (which generally takes up to two weeks).

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate
to contact JASON BAILES on 1800 001 895

Welcome to the Riverfield community!
We hope you enjoy building your new home.

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