While stocks last. Promotion may be withdrawn at the Developer’s absolute discretion at any time.

Contract of Sale means a contract for the sale and purchase of a Lot at Riverfield, the vendor being Riverfield.

Eligible Person means the purchaser named in the Contract of Sale, or their nominee who has been nominated to take a transfer of the Lot pursuant to the Contract of Sale.

Lot means any one of the following residential lots located at Riverfield: 1130, 1201, 1214, 1227, 1241.

Riverfield means Greenridge (Ballarto Road) Pty Ltd, ACN 622 496 155, Riverfield (DiRienzo): GPH NO.1 Pty Ltd, ACN 625 115 148 or any relevant entity associated with or related to Riverfield selling land at Riverfield.

Riverfield means the residential development known as Riverfield located at 1895 Ballarto Rd, Clyde and 40S Tuckers Road, Clyde VIC (or such other addresses deriving from the aforementioned from time to time).

Riverfield Website means www.riverfield.com.au

Slab Of Cash Offer means Riverfield’s offer to pay up to a maximum of $15,000.00 directly to the Eligible Person’s chosen house builder (Builder), subject to the terms and conditions below.

For the Eligible Person to be eligible to receive the benefit of the Slab Of Cash Offer, the following must be satisfied:

a. At the time of entering the Contract of Sale for a Lot, the Eligible Person must complete a Slab Of Cash Offer Registration Form.

b. The Eligible Person must complete and settle their respective Contract of Sale in accordance with its terms.

c. The Eligible Person must have commenced construction of the dwelling to be constructed on the Lot and have completed the foundation slab stage by the date which is no later than 12 months from the date of completion of the Contract of Sale for the Lot.

d. The Eligible Person must provide to Riverfield: (i) a copy of their building contract entered into with the Builder; and (ii) their house builder’s written certification that the Slab Works have been completed; and (iii) their Builder’s proper Tax Invoice relating to the Slab Works, by the date which is not more than 30 days after completion of the Slab Works

e. Upon satisfaction of Clause (d) above, Riverfield will make payment of the benefit of the Slab Of Cash Offer directly to the Eligible Person’s Builder.

f. The Eligible Person will be notified by Riverfield via their nominated email address or by mail that the benefit of the Slab Of Cash Offer has been paid to their Builder.

g. The benefit of the Slab Of Cash Offer is subject to these terms and conditions and is not transferrable, nor redeemable by the Eligible Person for monetary consideration or as an offset of the Price (or any other moneys due) under a Contract of Sale.

h. Riverfield will be under no obligation to provide the benefit of the Slab Of Cash Offer in circumstances where the Eligible Person has not fully complied with these terms and conditions.

i. If there is a dispute as to any of the matters referred to in these terms and conditions, the decision of Riverfield is final and binding.

By participating in this Promotion, each individual is taken to consent to Riverfield:

(i) collecting their personal information and sharing that information with any related entity to Riverfield;

(ii) using their personal information as contemplated by our Privacy Policy. To view Riverfield’s Privacy Policy please visit www.riverfield.com.au