Here at Riverfield, we want to help our community create the home of their dreams. That’s why Brown Property Group is offering a $3,000 Landscaping Incentive* to encourage all homebuyers to finish their front landscaping within 90 days of the date on their occupancy permit.

In the home building process, front landscaping is often the final box you’ll have to tick off, and it makes a world of difference. It’s what makes your home, and the whole community, look its best. You’d be amazed how a beautifully manicured front yard will bring your home to life!

For more information about our $3K landscaping incentive, we have put together a handy checklist of what you need to complete before you apply. Just download the flyer to learn more, or contact our friendly sales team on 1800 001 895.

* Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the contract for full details.