In recent news, it has been revealed that the implementation of new sustainable home requirements in Victoria has been delayed. This sees a pause in changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) that will require all new Victorian homes to be built to a seven-star energy efficiency minimum standard and to suit people with mobility issues, requiring reinforced bathroom walls and step-free entry.

Announced last year, the revised code was slated to begin on October 1 this year. But an update to the Victorian Building Authority website postponed the code change to May 1, 2024.

While delays are usually a bad thing, the decision represents an up to $40,000 reprieve for Victorian homebuyers and investors, offering an opportunity to capitalise on this opportunity if they act now and build rather than waiting.

Carry on reading to explore the reasons why customers should seize this opportunity and embark on their home-building journey with Riverfield Clyde!

Get ahead of the game

In response to the delayed implementation of sustainable home requirements, we’re expecting an increase in demand in 2024. By choosing to build now, you can stay one step ahead of the crowd and secure your dream home before the anticipated surge in demand.

Lock in Current Pricing

Another advantage of building now is the opportunity to lock in current pricing. With demand forecast to increase in 2024, the demand for materials and labour is likely to increase, potentially driving up costs. By starting the building process now, you can secure competitive pricing and avoid potential price hikes that may occur in the future.

Embrace Sustainability

Although the implementation of sustainable home requirements has been delayed, it does not diminish the importance of incorporating eco-friendly features into your new home. Building now enables you to work closely with your chosen builder to design and construct an environmentally conscious dwelling. From energy-efficient appliances to solar panels and water-saving fixtures, you have the chance to create a home that minimises its environmental impact and reduces long-term utility costs.

Capitalise on Investment Opportunities

For those considering building an investment property, the delay in sustainable home requirements presents a unique opportunity. By constructing a sustainable rental property now, you can place yourself in a good position ahead of the changes. Renters are increasingly prioritising eco-friendly homes, and by catering to this demand early on, you can potentially attract higher-quality tenants and maximise rental returns.

Tailored Design and Modern Features

Of course, building your own home offers the ultimate flexibility in design and functionality. At Riverfield Clyde, you have access to house and land packages from some of Victoria’s best builders with a range of contemporary floor plans to suit your lifestyle. From open-plan living areas to smart home technology, you can incorporate the latest trends and innovations into your new home. Take advantage of this time to work closely with your builder and create a home that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle.

The delay in implementing sustainable home requirements in Victoria presents an exceptional chance for customers to embark on their home-building journey with Riverfield Clyde. With a number of titled lots available and ready to build within our thriving community, these lots are the perfect option for savvy homebuyers looking to start building quickly. Don’t wait for the changes to come into effect – act now and make your dream home a reality  Contact our expert team today and take the first step toward building the home of your dreams.