Congratulations to Kane and Eboni our 300th buyers at Riverfield! Reaching this milestone is incredibly exciting for our community, and coincides with more than half the lots in our first precinct being sold! So, let’s introduce you to the wonderful family who has become lucky number 300.

For Kane and Eboni, there were a few things the couple were keen to tick off their wish list on their search for a community to build their new home.

“We were looking for somewhere that was dog friendly, within walking distance to parks and shops and a community that felt safe, where we could make friends with our neighbours,” says Kane.

“So Riverfield really ticked all the boxes there, we’re so close to schools, parks and shops and we love the fact there’ll be running tracks right around the corner.”

The couple also loved the location of the community, right amongst the thriving City of Casey.

“It’s really nice to be away from the busy city and closer to work. Plus the landscape is beautiful, with plenty of sunshine and sky and we’re so close to the mountain ranges and countryside,” Kane explains.

“We can’t wait to move in and get decorating and creating our own space. There’s so much exciting potential to make new family memories in this home. We’re really excited to be living in Riverfield and we can’t thank the Sales Team enough for their care and communication throughout the whole process!”

From everyone at Riverfield, we welcome Kane and Eboni, along with all future residents to our Clyde community. We can’t wait to see them move into their new home and enjoy all the rewards of their hard work and planning!

Are you keen to find your dream home at Riverfield? Explore land or home and land packages now available and take your opportunity to live wide open.