As we embark on the next phase of development at Riverfield Square, we are excited to announce that construction has commenced!

There’ll be a lot happening over the coming months, but here’s a summary of the upcoming works to give you an idea of the work to come.

Major Infrastructure Works (Branch Sewer)

We are undertaking major infrastructure works, specifically the installation of a branch sewer. This infrastructure will not only cater to the needs of Riverfield Square but also serve as a vital component for surrounding communities.


Our civil team will be conducting earthworks to allow for the branch sewer, future arterial roads and shared paths to be built through the site.

Tuckers Road Upgrade

The first stage of the Tuckers Road upgrade will be completed in line with the delivery of Stage 21.

Demolition of Existing Above and In-Ground Structures

As part of our commitment to revitalising the area, we will be initiating the demolition of existing above and in-ground structures. This step is crucial in paving the way for the vision for Riverfield Square.

Relocation of Utility Assets (Already Completed)

We are pleased to advise that the relocation of utility assets has already been successfully completed.

The commencement of onsite works marks a significant milestone for the Riverfield community. We are looking forward to keeping you updated on all future news and the exciting progress being made at Riverfield.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Thank you for your continued support as we work towards creating a vibrant and welcoming community at Riverfield Square!