In the last three years or so, working from home has become the new norm, with many companies embracing rotational working structures and flexible hours for their employees for the long term. As a result, for many homebuyers, a work from home space is a must-have item when searching for a property. But when it comes to finding an established house that offers a fit for purpose space, it can be tricky to find something that’s just right. That’s where building new shines, a great option for families who really need their floorplan to suit how they interact with their home.

Build exactly what you need

The way we use our homes has changed drastically over the past few years, with people finding new and creative ways to make use of the space they have. One of the biggest challenges for families when attempting to work or learn from home is not having a dedicated workspace. We’ve all seen memes and photos of people’s creative WFH solutions. From dining room tables as classrooms, ironing boards as desks and cupboards as conference rooms. This kind of set-up might be okay in the short term, but for those currently scouring the property market for a home, it’s a great idea to consider the possibilities building a new home can offer you and your family. This includes allowing you to design a floorplan exactly to your specifications.

A modern home design

With our home’s working harder for us than ever, new home builders offer floorplans designed for socialising just as much as productive work time. The balance of beauty and functionality is key, ensuring your new home is agile enough to move with a changing business and living landscape. No matter which reputable builder you choose, they will have floorplans that offer dedicated studies, perfect for quiet Zoom meetings. Having a separate, secluded space away from the main living area is key. Especially if your home features an open floorplan!

Get creative with hidden workspaces

Along with a designated home office, think about how other rooms can be used to work for study from home when needed. Customise your floorplan to create a hidden study nook in the living area, or a cordoned off study zone within one of the minor bedrooms. There are heaps of clever modern innovations available with new builds that you just can’t find in established homes, so don’t be afraid to ask your builder what’s possible.

Create different zones

When designing your floorplan, you might like to consider incorporating pocket or cavity slider doors in strategic positions throughout the home. They’re a great way to separate living spaces during the working day and then transform them into a seamless, open plan space at night.

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