$10k Deposit Promotion at Riverfield Square Terms & Conditions

Promoter Details:

1. The Promotion at Riverfield Square (Promotion) is conducted by GPH No.1 Pty Ltd (625 115 148) of Level 5, 523 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, 3122 (“the Promoter”).

Promotion Dates:

2. The Promotion will commence on 19 May 2023 (“Commencement Date”).

3. Available for a limited time only

4. The Promoter will notify of any extension to the Closing Time for the Promotion by causing a notification of such extension to be published on its website: https://riverfield.com.au/

5. The Promotion only applies to Selected Lots, namely:

Lot 2111 – PS908383U

Lot 2112 – PS908383U

Lot 2113 – PS908383U

Lot 2135 – PS908383U

Lot 2136 – PS908383U

Lot 2137 – PS908383U

Lot 2211 – PS908386N

Lot 2215 – PS908386N

Lot 2237 – PS908386N

Lot 2240 – PS908386N

Lot 2251 – PS908386N

Lot 2307 – PS912247E

Lot 2308 – PS912247E

Lot 2311 – PS912247E

Lot 2413 – PS912249A

Lot 2414 – PS912249A

Lot 2433 – PS912249A

Lot 2434 – PS912249A

Lot 2435 – PS912249A

Lot 2436 – PS912249A

the Selected Lots.

Promotion Particulars:

6. The Promotion only applies to the Selected Lots sold by the Promoter at the Riverfield Square development at 40s Tuckers Road, Clyde North (Riverfield Square Development) to Eligible Persons from the Commencement Date until the Closing Date (Promotion Period).

7. If, during the Promotion Period, you enter into a Contract of Sale (Your Contract) with the Promoter to purchase a Selected Lot at the Riverfield Square Development (Your Lot), the Promoter will only require a fixed $10,000.00 deposit payable, instead of an amount equal to 5% or 10% of the Purchase Price of the Lot.

Eligible Persons:

8. Subject to Clause 9, you are an Eligible Person only if you:

(a) are over the age of 18 years; and

(b) are the purchaser named in Your Contract.

9. You are not an Eligible Person if you are:

(a) an officer, director, company secretary or employee of the Promoter (or any of its associated entities); or

(b) a parent, child, sibling or spouse (including de facto spouse) of any person contemplated by Clause 9(a).


10. The Promoter does not make any warranty or representation as to the amount of stamp duty or other Government charges that may be payable by you (or your nominee) in respect of the transfer of the land comprising Your Lot on completion of Your Contract (or otherwise) and you indemnify the Promoter against any claims, damages, duties, taxes costs, charges, penalties or other amounts that the Promoter and/or the vendor named in Your Contract may suffer or incur as a consequence of any assessment of duty on the transaction(s) contemplated by Your Contract.

Personal Information:

11. All Eligible Persons acknowledge and agree that the information required for the conduct of the Promotion will be obtained by the Promoter will be collected for the purposes of maintaining a database of Eligible Persons and for entry into the Promoter’s marketing database for the purpose of notifying of promotions, specials and events associated with or connected to any business conducted or carried on by the Promoter or any company or entity associated with the Promoter.


12. To the extent permissible by law, the Promoter (including the Promoter’s related entities, employees, contractors, agents and servants) excludes all liability for any loss or damage whatsoever, including but not limited to personal injury, loss or damage, whether direct, indirect or consequential arising out of or in connection with the Promotion.


13. Participation in the Promotion and acceptance of the fixed $10,000 deposit in Your Contract on the Day of Sale constitutes your unconditional acceptance of and agreement to these terms and conditions.


14. This Promotion is governed by the laws of Victoria and the parties unconditionally submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria.

15. This Promotion does not affect the terms and conditions of Your Contract, or your obligations pursuant thereto

Contact Details:

16. Contact information for Greenridge Properties Pty Ltd is as follows:

GPH No. 1 Pty Ltd
Fixed $10K Deposit Promotion
PO Box 3131

Ph: 03 9230 2900
Fax: 03 9230 2999

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